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Eaconsea Benigno Crespi Street 19

20159 Milano Italy

20-22 Wenlock Road London 


Archelon Yacht Charter

The Archelon yacht is an Oyster 1225. 37.45 meter sailboat that can accommodate up to twelve guests in addition to six crew members. The boat is built by the Oyster yards (British company based in Southampton). Family friendly boat with the right setup! Archelon also grants its guests the idea of ​​a relaxing cruise; this, thanks to her crew of six professionals capable of creating an environment of great harmony. The truth is that we are talking about an advanced engineering boat! Key aspect to evaluate this 122 feet; are the international accolades obtained by Oyster! For example, the Queen's Award For Enterprise! Won twice by this company! Even if we know it, the most important judgment is always that of our customers! From our point of view, this type of boat fully respects the value we seek in a product and this makes us proud.

stylized boat
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           Sailing yacht

           Oyster 2019

           Guests 12

           Cabins 6

           Crew 6

           Length 37.45 m

           Bahamas and Mediterranean Sea

           Charter unlocked from EUR 115.000,00 /Week



           Water tank                         4600                  Lt


           Fuel tank                            13800                 Lt


           Sailing area                         693                    sq m


           Draft                                   4                        m


           Width                                 8.35                    m


           Displacement                     15900                 Kg


           Hull                                                               GBR

Archelon yacht: straight sideyacht Archelon Design Archelon yacht

Archelon the opinion and characteristics of this sailboat


Having not personally tried the boat, we will limit ourselves to making some small aesthetic considerations! The boat has a particular profile capable of expressing a personality and an avant-garde style which affirms and respects the value of forms! What might seem obvious (for those who do not think about the value of the design) is immediately evident with the hull measurements, which allow the sail area to impose itself! Making the boat disappear even at the wind. The element that emerges is that despite some potential criticisms of a technical nature (invalidated by the harmonious context of the forms) this boat exceeds our expectations.

Yacht Archelon helmArchelon: sailing yacht cabinArchelon sailing yachtArchelon sailing yacht Owner cabinArchelon sailing yacht interiorArchelon sailing yacht deck

Archelon yacht charter unlocked from EUR 115.000,00 week

During the summer in the Mediterranean Sea, the price can rise and approach EUR 125.000,00 and over. The Ecs Group remember that price volatility is contingent! The market is impossible to control! It will be our pleasure to offer technical support on the intrinsic value of boats. Here we recall that seasonality is the central pivot of price changes and that demand can create small speculative distortions.

Archelon yacht Sailing


The performance of Archelon 

We all rely on the captain's muscles! But we know that every half knot gained "is worth a lineage of sailors" what we want to say is that today on high-performance boats like Archelon excellent performance is achieved even with a small breath of wind, on average the cruising speed is around 10 knots " without counting those in the captain's sleeve ” Thinking about this beautiful yacht; to her evocative name, we are reminded of the past, the present and the future of navigation that is worth a vacation at the edge of your ocean.

This boat and the others presented on this site are part of the selection that our group submits to the customer! Selection based on high standards of quality and professionalism. We remind you that the boats suggested here may no longer be available for charter due to various reasons beyond our control! It will be our pleasure to engage in the search for alternative solutions that can meet your needs.

We ask you to notify our team of special needs immediately! Archelon and other boats like her await you. Ecs Group yacht charter global service

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