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Affiliation for charter boats



Integrating a dynamic work environment (into the shipowners' operational plan) is a very valuable goal! The market, with its current management, slows down the integration processes, this aspect has produced groups or "clubs" that convey requests on obsolete company figures. Our society and the emerging ones find fertile ground thanks also to the relationship and communication technologies (which are now becoming established) are an example of smart contracts, which index the exchange on immediate guarantees.

Affiliate programs - Yacht Charter


The affiliation program, on pleasure boating, was conceived to support companies in carrying out their activities, thus guaranteeing: a lower incidence of costs. Starting in 2020, we have seen very strong signals (throughout the nautical environment) capable of shaking the sector to its foundations.

Our company has developed an integration process that proceeds only in the use of the most modern forms of exchange. Here, we address shipowners directly to provide free advice for the first year of their properties.

Affiliation for charter boats: feasibility


The criteria for accessing technical support services are included in the following nomenclatures:

Non-historic pleasure boats (year at our discretion) major pleasure boats and minor non-historic pleasure boats (year at our discretion). On specific boats or pleasure boats with a documented historical context (historical link of the boat to characters of the historical context and of humanity) it will be evaluated during the verification.

Specific VAT by the owner in view of a global service

The plurality of naval resources, in the economic context of the Mediterranean, implies greater precision on the part of the delegated subjects. Tax alignment cannot be neglected by charter service companies, which are obliged to respect the tax rates of the countries of reference.

The Ecs yacht charter Group and related companies

In a broader perspective! Eaconsea, implements its projection on these issues. The real inclination of our company is linked to the luxury yacht charter, this position fully reflects the will of the president of the Lo iacono Filippo Group, who, in the form of a notice expressed here, reconciles with what has been said. Eaconsea: as an entrepreneurial project, it deals with yacht charter (only in relation to the final customer who uses the service).
The ECS Group, a separate entity! With a view to multilateral cooperation. The ECS Group is divided by its centralized nature expressed in the name: Eaconsea; This is to give the market development opportunities in the national context. Aware of the difficulties and despite the presence of established companies. Here the group opens up to collaborations of various kinds, opening the door to subjects also external to the nautical market, offering know-how to be integrated into new partnership initiatives.
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This yachting affiliation program mainly encompasses the theories related to charter! The most crucial points of the system will be discussed privately with investors. see link for further information

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