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Yacht Charter; The Club Advantage

Recreational activities have always been approached with a sense of freedom, often managed through various forms of associations. Our group aims to offer an alternative approach, providing our customers with a unique way to make the most of their time. This article introduces a seldom-discussed, yet highly effective practice in this area! Consider this: two companies, actively engaged in a reciprocal and patronizing manner, could reap the benefits of membership fees by scheduling their use of the yacht in succession. This could result in a cost that is below the market rate! While this may seem less practical on the surface, it allows our customers to make more informed decisions regarding pricing. So, join us as we explore the advantages of yacht charter clubs and how they can provide a different criterion for leisure.

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Composite formula in the nautical charter

The progress of relations and communication in the various business channels favors new forms of commercial reciprocity every year! These refined marketing features are the starting point for one of the main Ecs Group projections! Each customer, in fact, is "distributed" to its commercial context and once the potential has been identified; educated on scheduling and booking. Always in the interest of client

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Characteristics and advantages of the associative rental.

Putting aside the star system as a model, it follows that: the charter activity assumes a programmatic role on the part of the customer only if the economic return is formally relevant. Boats with at least 6 crew members are the most promising, because they meet precise price characteristics. The advantage at this point becomes concrete and respecting the characteristics on the reservation with a maximum of 7 days of downtime could become an economically advantageous routine.

Discrepancy between yachting club and charter club

In the simplest of features, the club allows for management tranquility of contingent operations the structure or content of the club itself. The position of the Ecs Group; in this case, it is more central, because it contracts the market on its position, deriving to those who participate only the price advantage, which in this market maintains very high inflationary criticalities.

Requirements for joining the Eaconsea charter club.

Apart from the formalities relating to documents and geographical preferences. The only possible formula for joining remains the presentation of an associated group in partnership or patronage, this will allow the interlocutor to interact with the Ecs Group in a subsidiary formula, (for him and the nucleus presented by him) released from economic ties! So as to interact with the Ecs Group in a dynamic form, where it will be possible to share the final contents of the boats in question.

Digital yacht club and posthumous maneuvers



In the course of its success as a Group! Eaconsea; will enter into digital chain agreements with all participants as a guarantee of the future adhesion of customers to its project, this will allow all members, a guarantee on the four most relevant aspects for the shipowner, the owner's price, consumption, storage and the environmental theme.

Part of the contents of this page represent projections on the potential of the associative market observed from a global service point of view. When expressed on this page, he wants to suggest an idea or field of action relating to the charter. Eaconsea on your side.

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