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Caribbean Yacht Charter With King Baby

King Baby presents itself with a chic and virtuous style capable of combining luxury and practicality. This boat, of almost 44 meters, has a capacity of 33,600 liters of fuel and is capable of covering approximately 3500 miles.

From the IAG Yachts shipyard, available for you a boat that tells of joys and music from the photographs dedicated to Keith Richards to the details curated by the King Baby jewelers. A particular universe opens up to the guests of this yacht which offers accommodation for 10 people in 5 cabins of great energy and style.


King Baby Yacht Charter Concept

Guests aboard King Baby are welcomed by 9 crew members, and have at their disposal 5 suites with great personality. The home of this yacht is the Caribbean Sea! So you can enjoy her energy and personality all year round.

The Caribbean Sea According to King Baby


The point of view on King Baby is interesting! A boat that has particular characteristics such as the combination of rock and jewels, is a personal vision! Evaluating the environment on board becomes a complex task, also because space usually is the main element in a boat! King Baby tells other stories, fragments of experiences that do not complete but are indelible. We may never know who King Baby is, but we want to say one thing, God save King Baby!


Why charter King Baby yacht?

Why not? this jewel of the sea in our opinion, deserves attention! is a timeless "majesty" (like all children for that matter) and its weapons are joy, the joys and not surprisingly music! So the mystery has a key that can be yours for 195,000 USD for a week.


Flyboards flying in and out of the water never stops! Yamaha Wawe Runner (always one horse ahead). The inevitable kitesurfing operation! Towable toys of your choice and professional diving equipment ready for you. This and much more awaits you on King Baby. Now ask us about the tender engine!

This yacht designed and furnished by E.K. Marshall, speaks several languages and different dialects. The game, the tonnage, the autonomy and the price are only shadowy voices in the technical context but which contribute to the final value of a boat designed in a brilliant way.

With an overall length of 43.89 meters and a beam of nine and forty-five, King Baby is in all respects a boat of the highest context. With a top speed of 20 knots and a range of 3000 miles in controlled cruising at 12 knots King Baby can give you every corner of the sea.  We can say that according to the data received in our offices, the displacement report is 270 tons and 470GT. The measurements are to be considered relative, often the causes are of a commercial nature, this is due to the protection of technical data by shipyards.

Live the music and live King Baby yacht
A final consideration is worth a boat ride! But in relation to this small concept, one can determine the approach of the right owner for this vessel. Happy holidays from the Ecs Group. Also for the Caribbean context, the global services on the yacht charter have value, starting from private travel by plane
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