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Maldives Yacht Charter

Opportunities open to those who want it! The dream of swimming in the Maldives never goes out! The desire to be part of this illusory and pain-free world reaches even the most rational minds. The truth, we know! It is always found in the middle; the fresh vivacity of this paradise extinguishes knowledge and gives the earth even though there is only water!

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The rental of the ghost fleet

Aware of the problems related to rental in these latitudes, we suggest you consider your cruise as something exceptional! First of all due to the exotic nature of the place but above all because the most important boats available here are secretly sought after by very important names, hurry!



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Indian Ocean Cruise

Even the fun (which benefits everyone) but also the importance of coming here to dedicate hours to this sea (Interesting aspect if you consider that many of the people involved in protecting these waters live elsewhere) then everything becomes sensible and prodigious for each of us.

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Motor yacht
Offshore Yard 2012/2018 Refit
Guests 18
Cabins 9
Crew 13
Length 33.53 m
Maldives Indian Ocean
Charter from USD 39.000,00   /Week 


Motor yacht
Offshore yard 2019
Guests 16
Cabins 8
Crew 14
Length 38 m
Charter from USD 73.000,00   /Week

Sailing Yacht
Alloy Yachts
Guests 11
Cabins 5
Crew 10
Length 53 m
Charter from USD 175.000,00   /Week

Motor Yacht
ISA Yachts 2011 - 2022 Refit
Guests 12
Cabins 6
Crew 10
Length 49.95 m
Maldives - Mediterranean
Charter from EUR 235.000,00   /Week

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eaconsea yacht charter report
eaconsea yacht charter report ashena%20motor%20yacht%20deck%20.jpegashena%20motor%20yacht%20interior%20.jpeg

Motor Yacht
Guests 18
Cabins 9
Crew 14
Length 31.26 m
Charter from USD  60.000,00   /Week

Motor Yacht
Azimut 2007
Guests 8
Cabins 4
Crew 4
Length 30 m
Charter from USD  70.000,00   /Week

Motor yacht
Wadia 2006 - 2021 Refit
Guests 12
Cabins 6
Crew 13
Length 45.5 m
Maldives Indian Ocean
Charter from USD  94.000,00   /Week

The Maldives—an earthly paradise! This is the image we’ve always held: an expanse of 1,200 islands in the Indian Ocean. Stretching across 8 degrees of latitude and covering 90,000 square kilometers of ocean, the Maldives today reveal submerged lagoons. However, during the last glaciation (approximately 12,000 years ago), when sea levels were about 120 meters lower, the vast basins within the Maldivian atolls were landmasses. Insights from paleoclimatic studies indicate that during that time, this necklace of coral atolls formed an almost continuous expanse of emerged lands, punctuated by small bays, inlets, and canals.

A fascinating curiosity about the Maldives—one we encourage you to explore—is the ancient payment method involving Cauri shells. This practice developed in civilizations worldwide and eventually became part of the funerary objects of kings and emperors.



Motor Yacht

Mondo Marine 2006

Guest 10

Cabins 5

Crew 10

Length 45,70 m

Maldives and Seychelles

Charter from USD  125.000,00   /Week

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