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Eaconsea Benigno Crespi Street 19

20159 Milano Italy

20-22 Wenlock Road London 

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Modern and Fast Yachts in the Adriatic Sea


The Adriatic Sea shows constant growth every year! Tanks to the positive experience that this geographical context offers. From the point of view of navigation, this sea offers very interesting insights: A few nautical miles separate places, countries and cultures. Eaconsea, works actively to offer a dynamic approach to these opportunities, offering some practical suggestions for a rich and vital private cruise. The first suggestion is related to the "race" that is the real possibility of having a good amount of horsepower near the bilge pump; nautical language aside, this will allow you to move easily both towards the sun and the various landings available, in Italy and towards the countries further east.

Celebrations on the boat

Adriatic And and The Coastal Tradition


The relationship of the coastal population with the sailors has always been supported by economic interests! Today also from cultural interests. In these parts, maritime history has forged the hearts of people, an example among all: Romagna and its noisy summer, these elements to induce you to think about a holiday between sea and "mother" because your boat will probably want to land  on a beach or a port that is always at the limit of fun and conviviality, which in these parts is the only landlord

The Modern Yachts and The Fast Shadows of The Adriatic Sea


The traffic in the distance shows a very special sea! Here, the superyachts only glimpse their shadow and flee to pick up their Spritz in Venice, only to hide again in a nocturnal and silent sailing south. Our suggestion, which will largely depend on budget and availability, is to be quick to be fast and above all to be on modern boats. A little more expensive, but! That respect the value of a sea that must be preserved. Also from the point of view of engines. Particularly in recent years, the technologies available to builders and owners have favored a thriving green market, to which we as a group give all our support.



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Yacht charter from Trieste to Venice from the Barcolana to Tremiti


There is no shortage of surprises in the Adriatic Sea! The tales of rushing winds arrived to surprise improvised sailors are the most popular story. We are in October and the Barcolana this year with almost 3000 members shows itself in all its splendor, everything is ready and let's go. This event attracts many onlookers and enthusiasts who compete in a regatta of about 15 miles, nothing to chance then! Fuck the mainsail, who would ever want to finish second. Apart from the Barcolana, in the Adriatic Sea you find yourself in an environment that is always at the limit of normality, one step away from the loves of Casanova in Venice up to the gates of Greek culture as soon as you pass the Otranto canal.


Yacht Charter in The Adriatic Sea Transport and People



The need to cross the Otranto channel may be a logistical problem for our customers or simply a practical choice. Whatever your need, for us at Eaconsea, it will be pleasant to agree the matter with practical solutions but always at the height of each guest or personality. In recent times we have evaluated the structural quality of the Apulian aviation surfaces, and we are ready to support all your requests to and from this latitude.


Ancient photograph of fishermen
Argo the mythical ship of Jason
The Argonauts and the mystical charter How Jason obtained Argo will remain in mythology but how to predict your path depends on practical elements. Today in the waters of the Adriatic sea there are interesting ideas, in fact all of eastern Italy and the whole Balkan peninsula are at your disposal; there is no shortage of contents, from Montenegro to Albania, from Slovenia to Croatia, everything is ready to welcome your boat.

All the group's services are guaranteed from Venice to the Otranto canal. Our global connection is the right choose.

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