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Yacht Charter Greek Islands


Those in search of knowledge would never dream of disturbing Socrates in his home! They too yearn for the profound wisdom of the great philosopher, and might even be willing to rent a yacht to get it! The real dilemma then becomes: where to go? The possibilities are endless and embrace every degree of latitude! The paradox of choice seems to be the only solution! So what do we do? Do not be afraid! Our mission is to steer your sails towards Greece and its enchanting islands. Even Socrates would agree.


Fountaine Pajot - 2023
Guests 8
Cabins 4
Crew 3
Measures 20.4 x 9.72m
Greece – East Mediterranean
Charter from EUR 34.000,00   /Week

Lagoon 2019
Guests 10
Cabins 5
Crew 3
Measures 15.85 x 8.7m
Charter from EUR 16.000,00   /Week

Yacht charter service Ecs Group


Many problems can be solved even at sea. Our perspective, applicable to Greece, underpins the entire philosophy of our company: problems can be solved even while on the move! If you find yourself on your boat, in the middle of the Aegean Sea, and you need something, don’t hesitate to contact us! Our team operates under precise rules and is ready to assist you.

Motor yachts
Sanlorenzo 2018
Guests 9
Cabins 4
Crew 3
Length 26.7m
Greece - France - Italy
Charter from EUR 55.000,00   /Week

Sailing yachts
Admiral 2015 /2020 Refit
Guests 8
Cabins 4
Crew 3
Length 23.15m
East Mediterranean
Charter from EUR 34.000,00   /Week 

Bliss Super Yacht Excellent Solution

bliss yacht bathroombliss yacht with tenderinterior bliss yacht yacht bliss seen in profileinterior bliss yachtbliss yacht i n navigationinterior bliss yachtbow bliss yacht

Bliss a great choise.

An exceptionally versatile yacht, Bliss, with its 44 meters and a cruising speed of 20 knots, offers exclusive services such as a gym, outdoor bar, sauna, and stabilization at anchor. In short, it’s a veritable palace on the sea.


The crew profile consists of nine highly professional members, ready to cater to your every need. The six magnificent cabins can comfortably accommodate up to 12 guests. The charter price for the boat starts from approximately €175,000 in the low season. (For more details, we suggest you contact us promptly to have negotiation priority). This yacht has the capability to traverse the Mediterranean basin swiftly. If you have specific geographical requirements, we recommend you contact us immediately.

Stylized boat
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The Ghost Ship


The boat trip begins, the galley is in order and the captain has already greeted the port! Only the wind is still hidden, but he's probably watching us! we are human and "land's animals" the power play of nature it is extraordinary, it takes control when you least expect it, and here the sails swell until almost burst, the captain shows himself confident but with a gasp! These are the Meltemi! Do not worry, the strong winds of these parts, "some of you are perplexed" who was expecting such a thrust, when you can still smell the port! Now your imagination is blowing even more than the wind and you look at the tender and wonder if it will be able to guarantee your safety, good gentlemen! The ghost ship will save all of you!


Yacht not confirmed
Rossi Navi 2020
Guests 10
Cabins 5
Crew 9
Length 48.8m
Mediterranean - Greece - Info
Charter from EUR 245.000,00   /Week

Sail boat
Southern Wind 2013 /2019 Refit
Guests 8
Cabins 4
Crew 4
Length 28.64m
Greece - East Mediterranean
Charter from EUR 44.000,00   /Week



A holiday on Hippocrates Island could teach us unexpected things! Although it may seem too philosophical, we must admit that some modern treatments are still based on these themes.
Kos' nightlife is lively. From aperitif to dawn, every club or disco focuses on the vitality of young people. The day, with the dancing waves of an always blue sea, prepares everyone for the advent of the night.
Upon arrival at the port, remember your documents! The night is irresistible! But if you decide to pay the right tribute to the island, don't forget the temple of Asclepius, god of medicine and son of Apollo. This is a must-visit for any traveler looking to fully experience the island's rich history and culture. Have a good trip!




Motor yachts
Heesen 2018
Guests 12
Cabins 6
Crew 9
Length 49.8m
Enquire //area
Charter from EUR 280.000,00   /Week

Sailing yachts
Perini ships 2013 /2023-Refit
Guests 9
Cabins 4
Crew 6
Length 40m
Info and Destinations
Charter from EUR 110.000,00   /Week

Yacht charter Greek islands the gladiator constellation


Out in the open sea, we rely on the stars. With technology, we trust the manufacturer’s guarantee. This, in reality, suggests that the only thing humans can truly guarantee is unpredictability. Yet, our journey must continue! Fortunately, the North Star remains a constant guide. We are the conscious sailors, those who, in Greece, see the gladiator constellation - the only one within the realm of reason. We are on our boat, our earthly haven amidst the waves. We are, in essence, on a journey within ourselves. As philosophy swells, reaching for the sky, the shadow of the gladiator becomes a beacon of light for our sailors. Enjoy the voyage!

Rhodes: The Sleeping Colossus


Even if the Colossus has “fallen asleep”, its myth continues to attract a multitude of tourists, drawn both by the crystal-clear waters and the variety of experiences on offer. Rhodes is a magnet for both young people and families. The advantage of visiting this island by boat is the ability to access numerous beaches with just a few maneuvers on the deck. As soon as we “land”, the island reveals itself in all its intensity - children, families, cars, traffic; in short, a place that leads everyone somewhere. If you decide to delve deeper into its environments, you will undoubtedly be amazed! A must-visit spot in Rhodes is the Valley of the Butterflies. Between July and August, it offers an incredible spectacle as millions of butterflies burst into a dance that leaves you breathless! The Spanish dancer butterfly, with its reddish wings, becomes the star of the show. Enjoy your visit!




Fountaine Pajot  2022

Guest 8

Cabins 4

Crew 4

Measures 20.42 x 9.8 m


Charter from EUR 30.000,00   /Week



Fountaine Pajot  2016 /2017

Guest 11

Cabins 5

Crew 3

Measures 14.98 x 7.99 m

East-Med /Greece

Charter from EUR 14.000,00   /Week

Homer the most unlikely shipowner


Arriving on tiptoe on the great Greek scene, we realize that we could have chosen another boat a different yacht, perhaps with more horses or perhaps bigger, but at the bottom of the gorge, we feel that a song rediscovers itself! That singing talk about us, wherever we are and whatever we do! So what happens? What material is our song composed of? Who writes the words? Who sends the monuments to history? ... Homer possible? He sings where we were today, on a boat in the middle of the Greek sea, so the choice is right! He ignores the will! Thanks Homer! The great song has shed light once again.




Here we are in Venice, in Paris, and in Tuscany! It seems In fact, visiting Corfu Town one gets the impression of being in Paris and Venice, this is due to the Venetian and French dominations that the island has suffered, moreover, the hegemony of these peoples it lasted many years. Another curious aspect, in Greece one expects an arid and sun-crushed environment, with its houses with blue roofs, nothing further from reality! Corfu, in fact, has a very luxuriant nature, which in the bosom of the parallelism with Tuscany, includes an endless number of cypresses that truly recall the Maremma. For those arriving by boat and want to enjoy the social life, we recommend touching the north coasts, which are closer to the city, if you prefer to follow a more reserved itinerary, the south of the island retains a more secret and intimate atmosphere, where the song of cicadas dominates the summer hits.





Nobody forgets the "love story" between the Jewish people and this island! When it was occupied by the Nazis, wich asked for a list of the Jews present in Zakynthos, but the bishop gave them only two names: his and that of the mayor. After the great earthquake in the summer of 1953 (which leaves only three buildings standing on the whole island) Israel was the first country to send aid, with the wording; the Jews of Zakynthos have never forgotten their mayor and their beloved bishop. Zakynthos, has an environment from alive and luxuriant nature, a summer temperature that touches 43 degrees but which thanks to the dry currents, does not develop mugginess feeling. A young tourism rich in distinctive elements, wich confirmed every year as a destination of strong natural and cultural interest,Ugo Foscolo was born here and the poet Dionysios Solomos, author of the Greek national anthem. Zakynthos will have something for you too, don't forget the famous wreck beach.

Getting lost in Greece is an opportunity! in fact, if you think about the number of inhabited islands, we arrive at about two hundred and twenty-seven, arriving at almost 10,000 (considering the rocks) in such a particular context! It becomes possible to lose the route! To rent a boat could be the only solution to tell the Aegean Sea! Starting from the name Egeo father of Theseus who defeated the Minotaur, and who seeing the return of his son's ship with black sails (therefore believing him dead) threw himse lf from a cliff into the sea (error of Theseus who should have unfolded white sails to confirm the victory on his return) so from that day the sea was called Aegean! This clarifies how important the sea is for Greece. As a company, promoting Greek destinations on the basis of studies is a conscious artifice.
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Stylized boat
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