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Yacht Charter The Luxury Of Sicily


To visit Sicily by boat it is necessary to make some premises: we all choose this form of holiday precisely to free our minds from our commitments. In this case we are dealing with Sicily! the largest island in the Mediterranean, although it might seem irrelevant, why do we sail? why do we conquer the culture of places? obviously the discussion falls on the timing of sailing. An island like Sicily deserves respect in every bay. So if you decide to use a sailboat Consider that the stern wind is never a guarantee.

Sea Volcanoes and Yacht Charter Global Service


It really happens throughout the Sicilian archipelago! We meet: history food fire storms mafia ski slopes! The largest marine protected area in Europe! The largest archaeological site in the world! The first document of environmental protection!  In short: if you are not Sicilian the "risk" is to become one! If we dwell on any of these items, we would really have to discuss for hours! Our personal suggestion that comes directly from the group's management; is keep your appetite! Well it must be said that Sicily is among the first places in the world for the quality of its street food, so what to say; float near a shore and pick up the phone.


Sicily Yacht Rental; Between Sailing and Motor



Here is the question: motor or sail ? the matter becomes complicated because if you opt for sailing, it means having the sea and we know it! but, if you opt for the motor, it means having Sicily with everything it has to offer you. Our recommendation, in these cases, is to make a small plan of your itinerary and evaluate what propulsion you want for your experience. Remember that the budget always makes the difference, each recovered node often risks having a considerable price. In any case, the variations on reservations, especially for high-level boats, are difficult to settle. We recommend a clear budget in hand. To evaluate immediately the best option, thank you.


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Sicily Treasure and Event Of The Sea


Everything can be said about this amazing island. If we had to identify a context in which to lose ourselves, it would certainly be the kitchen! Apart from the great services on board, especially for large yachts, even linked to the choice of the team's skills in the kitchen, we could say that; to have a complete experience of this island the gastronomic factor is fundamental. The concept of sea event, is the bond that Sicilians have with the kitchen and even if you find yourself on a boat isolated from the rest of the world, we are sure that a breeze will bring you a scent to wich will not be able to resist! Also happened to your skipper! who will not need nautical charts to reach the nearest restaurant.

Even from a rented mega yacht you get lost in wonder


Following the Italian coast, and sailing towards Sicily leaving the Gulf of Naples behind! If we are lucky and Etna or Stromboli have lit a cigarette, you can see them on the horizon! Even from many kilometers. Contrary to its active volcanoes, Sicily always awaits you with enthusiasm! Ecs yacht charter especially in Sicily, will guarantee every owner even the moon! however, here is an entirely Sicilian idea for your table Cerasuolo di Vittoria.

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Aeolian Islands: private navigation


The heavy traffic of recent years around the archipelago of the Aeolian Islands has caused many problems for boaters, the routes connected to fishing and commercial exchanges have had to reorganize their safety standards. This victory in terms of tourism has stimulated the growth of exclusive services throughout the connected marine area. From Panarea to Vulcano via Salina, each boat can therefore enjoy its own upwind wind with a less anxious eye on the bow.


In Sicily Luxury Yacht Charter Concept


An aspect to evaluate, is the concept requested by some of our customers for a 5-star galley.  Request the traditional cuisine on board well in advance, this for logistical reasons, the starred chefs or in any case the particular professionalism are to be integrated in the organization.



A special mention must be made of the city of Agrigento, this paradise for (historians and lovers of ancient culture) wonderfully retains a record! Here is the largest archaeological site in the world, mocking islet! An incredible historical context enclosed in 1300 hectares of pure gold! Among majestic Doric temples, sanctuaries and necropolises that recall the absolute concept of Magna Graecia.

Safety For Everyone


For any problems relating to navigation on the coordinates of the Aeolian Islands, I leave you in use the telephone contact of the Maritime District Office of Lipari +390909880819. The recommendation; especially to ensure your enjoyment, and to always observe the safety rules.

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