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Sicilian Perspective

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250 Yachts Available in Sicily

Yacht Charter The Luxury Of Sicily


Before embarking on a journey to Sicily by boat, there are several factors to consider: we often opt for this kind of holiday specifically to escape from our daily obligations. In this scenario, we’re talking about Sicily! The largest island in the Mediterranean, which may seem irrelevant, but why do we sail? Why do we immerse ourselves in the culture of places? of course, the conversation turns to the timing of sailing. An island like Sicily commands respect in every bay. So, if you decide to use a sailboat, bear in mind that tailwind is never a guarantee.



Sailing Yacht

Maxi Dolphin 2019
Guest 7
Cabin 3
Crew 1
Length 22.86 m
Siciliy Mediterranean
Charter from  EUR  30.000.00  /Week 



Tecnomar 63 for Lamborghini 2022
Guest 4
Cabin 2
Crew 1
Length 20 m
Sicily Sardinia Tuscany
Charter from  EUR  42.000.00  /Week 



Absolute Navetta 68 2023
Guest 8
Cabin 4
Crew 2
Length 20.53 m
Sicily Mediterranean
Charter from  EUR  42.000.00  /Week 

Volcanoes and Luxury Boat Rental


In Sicily you’ll encounter a myriad of experiences; history, cuisine, storms, ski slopes, mafia, not to mention the largest marine protected area in Europe and the world’s largest archaeological site. You’ll even find the first document of environmental protection! In short, if you’re not Sicilian, you might just become one after this journey!

Each of these aspects could warrant hours of discussion. However, our personal suggestion, straight from the management team, is to keep your appetite ready! After all, Sicily ranks among the top places in the world for the quality of its street food. So, what are you waiting for? Float near a shore and pick up the phone to order some!


Motor or Sail? Choosing Your Experience


The decision between motor and sail becomes intricate. Opting for sailing means embracing the sea—we’re well acquainted with that! However, if you lean toward motor propulsion, it opens up Sicily in all its splendor. Our advice in such cases: sketch out a concise itinerary and consider the type of propulsion you desire. Keep in mind that budget plays a crucial role; we recommend having a clear idea. For an immediate assessment of the best option, thank you.


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Event Of The Sea


Much can be said about this remarkable island. If we were to identify a context in which to immerse ourselves, it would undoubtedly be the cuisine! Aside from the excellent onboard services, particularly for large yachts, which are often linked to the culinary skills of the chef, we could say that to fully experience this island, the gastronomic aspect is crucial. The concept of a sea event is tied to the bond that Sicilians have with cooking. Even if you find yourself on a boat isolated from the rest of the world, we are confident that a breeze will carry a scent you won’t be able to resist! This has also happened to your skipper, who won’t need nautical charts to find the nearest restaurant.

Marveling from a boat


Following the Italian coast, and sailing towards Sicily leaving the Gulf of Naples behind! If we are lucky and Etna or Stromboli have lit a cigarette, you can see them on the horizon! Even from many kilometers. Contrary to its active volcanoes, Sicily always awaits you with enthusiasm! 

Ecs Group, especially in Sicily, will guarantee every owner even the moon! however, here is an entirely Sicilian idea for your table Cerasuolo di Vittoria.

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Aeolian Islands: navigation


The heavy traffic in recent years around the Aeolian Islands archipelago has caused numerous issues for boaters. The routes associated with fishing and commercial exchanges have had to reorganize their safety standards. This surge in tourism has stimulated the growth of exclusive services throughout the connected marine area. From Panarea to Vulcano, via Salina, each boat can now enjoy its own upwind journey with less anxiety.


Sicily Luxury Yacht Charter


An interesting aspect to consider is the request made by some of our customers for a 5-star galley. It is necessary to request traditional cuisine on board well in advance due to logistical reasons. Including starred chefs or professionals with specific skills within the organization is essential.



Agrigento, a city in Sicily, deserves special recognition. It’s a haven for historians and enthusiasts of ancient culture. Agrigento is home to one of the world’s largest archaeological sites, a testament to its rich history. This site spans 1300 hectares, a golden treasure trove of history. It boasts majestic Doric temples, sanctuaries, and necropolises that embody the grandeur of Magna Graecia.

Safety For Everyone


For any issues related to navigation within the coordinates of the Aeolian Islands, you can use the phone contact of the Maritime District Office of Lipari: +390909880819. The recommendation, especially to ensure your enjoyment, is to always observe the safety rules.

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