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Where the wind blows, a sign points to the port! Locals, with their intimate knowledge of these lands, always have advice to offer, even to the most seasoned navigators. They know where to find the wind you seek and the bay you’ll remember. Our group has conducted extensive research in these Spanish territories. We are confident that our local partners will ensure your journey is both safe and thrilling. It’s worth noting that in these regions, about a hundred sail and motor boats are available for your use. We have verified their quality standards and are ready to negotiate on your behalf. 


El Hierro

Canary Islands Yacht Rental 


To tell you about the Canaries, we will start from here! The smallest island,! El Hierro! Located in the southernmost part of the archipelago, this island tells of an important primacy, that of being renewable! Leaving aside the pun, we can say that: thanks to the ignition of the Gorona power plant, the goal of making the island fully managed with renewable energy It has been reached. Here Ptolemy in 150 AD placed the meridian of zero longitude (known boundary of the ancient world). A wild place! With a crystalline sea, full of life! Like the marine reserve of the Mar De Las Calmas, near Restringa, thanks to the conformation of this area (which narrows and protects from the winds) an ecosystem distinct from the whole island is created, diving here is always surprising.


Curiosities about El Hierro


Here, it is possible to observe, one of the clearest skies in Europe, this alone would be worth a vacation in these parts! But it is not our intention to convince anyone, to chronicle the beauty of these places, it would be useless! Given the fame of its mystery! One above all is El Sabinar, a forest that would make Blair's witches pale! Another curious aspect of the island, here, is the smallest hotel in the world. The island's airport also allows non-commercial jets to land, with models such as the 737. Of course, before renting a boat in these parts, it will be our pleasure to put you in touch with the leading professionals of these waters.

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The experience of a great sail!

There is nothing worth the rush of the wind and the honor of a captain! Ok! We are on the literary side! But! Reasoning can become a risk; and we could lose the "mast" that's right! I am lost again; anyway, the concept is about how to experience these waters? if you have friends around the Canaries! Then rent a motor yacht, you can get to them and move with agility and speed; but if you are willing to get to  this ocean, then take a sailboat and you will have "a wind to tell".

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Yacht charter the Canarian formula

Each of the seven islands of the Canary Islands has an airport, our personal suggestion, is not to worry about internal flights, just think about reaching your yacht charter company, if necessary with a few euros, negotiated on the spot, you can review destination, and possibly change it. You must consider that renting a boat in Tenerife does not necessarily imply bringing it back to Tenerife, if you decide to leave your yacht in El Hierro! For example!( there will obviously be a fee to pay) the suggestion is always the same, make an itinerary! Then look for your boat in the Canary Islands.


Canarie Yacht charter Global Service the parrot recipe!


You checked the documents with Patrizia! Signed the papers! bought the last things before embarking! Perfect; now that you are on board: all you have to do is prepare dinner! ok! So what?... if you have a chef on board you will not miss the right advice! Otherwise, if you want to surprise a well-known fish from these waters, which appears in many Canarian recipes, know that; you can find it around 40 meters deep. Don't miss it.



Here we are! Finally in Lanzarote gentlemen! We dock in that bay and see to catch something for lunch, in short; getting ready in the best way is always a great idea! In the afternoon, a look at the territory! The extraordinary power of this island also appears in the morphology, in fact, we can say that: Lanzarote, is both the oldest of the Canaries, and the most youthful, the soil is in fact about 180 million years old! But the eruption of 1730, which lasted 6 years, completely distorted a quarter of the territory, redesigning its geography. Surrounded by many beaches that deserve a mention, an example of all; Famara with over 3 kilometers of open spaces, but also the white Calentò beach, which offers white sand with extraordinary light effects. Do you want to get back on your boat? we know it! Then we tell you nothing about the cactus garden with over 4500 particular species. The island offers many ideas to be told.

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La Gomera


Known as the Colombian island! From the foot of Christopher Columbus who touched this island before heading towards history. Here you will find a more stable landscape than the entire archipelago! In fact, the last volcanic activity dates back to about two million years ago. A nice thing to tell your friends is definitely that; if here someone whistle at the girls, most likely it is just to ask for information; Seriously, the Silbo Gomero (whistled language) tells of the shepherds of this island who communicated in this way from great distances. Floating near its coasts it is very likely that the Laurisilva (ancient prehistoric tree) will call you, to present its weaves and its leaves, which have remained intact until today. With a short walk from the port of San Sebastian (the capital) you can find yourself in the square of the Americas where you can enjoy the liveliness of the bars and kiosks. 

Ecs Group’s Yacht Charter: Exploring the Canaries!

Colombina's Charter Boat! The spirit of the great navigators hovers inside every nautical license! Here, however, things reach another level, we are on the route of Magellan and Christopher Columbus! do not joke! You risk losing the helm of yourself. Navigating these parts leads men on the path of light, clarity or madness! The sky seems close at hand, there is a great risk! Greast dream! Here we cannot be of help to you, you will have to ask the stars to be lenient with your soul, and if they will answer you, every man for himself! In this predatory context of souls, moving means planning, that is, having the power to indicate the route to your guests to your crew! Being credible becomes important; here you can count on all our help! Happy holiday. Filippo Lo iacono.
astronomical observatory of the Canary Islands

The Palm


Let's try to climb to 2420 meters and take a look from the astronomical observatory! From here we could evaluate the island from above! Ok! But beware of the wind; the clouds on La Palma never rise above thousand meters! You risk making an empty trip! Don't worry, you can always enjoy a wonderful sky at sunset; in fact this island has been named Starlight (a voice attributed only to the most spectacular skies! I understand your curiosity! You should moor the boat and also pay a visit to the historic center, between pebbles and carved wooden balconies, after all, the city of Santa Cruz de Las Palmas: it preserves a colonial spirit that collects the energies of a borderland towards the new world.

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Tenerife, the home of Spain’s tallest peak, offers a plethora of opportunities. From its southern coastline, you can observe a variety of whale species, including the majestic blue whale, often hailed as the ‘queen of the world’. For those who are more inclined towards terrestrial activities, the island features exquisite golf courses where you can hone your skills. Thrill-seekers can venture into Europe’s largest water park, equipped with towering slides that ascend to nearly 30 meters. Not to be overlooked is Santa Cruz, the vibrant capital city boasting one of the most important ports on the Atlantic Ocean.

Gran Canaria


The ninth most populous metropolitan area in Spain is located here! Welcome to Las Palmas De Gran Canaria. Spanish city off the Moroccan coast. The Canaries never cease to amaze! A continuous wave of novelty distinguishes them, the world championship of wind surfing, here opens its doors in the first days of October, a privileged place for whale watching, here the film Moby Dick was shot, in 1956, with the great Gregory Peck! Exactly in Playa De Las Canteras in Gran Canaria, in short; a lively and radical place, with a strong and open spirit, this is the blood that flows in Gran Canaria.

The trade winds in the stern Ecs Group!

You can always count on them! The good old wind, even Columbus sailed with them to America, especially to the Canaries, this wind always guarantees a pleasant climate, in particular; in the major islands, which see only 4/5 days of rain in the summer. With them, you can enjoy a break from the hustle and bustle of the world, suspended between sky and sea. They will always be there for you.



We are in Fuerteventura! An island absolutely facing the sea, with 324 kilometers of coastline, 150 of which are beaches, it can be said that; a dip is always at hand. Its beaches, are the title of this island, they are many, they are white, they are black, they are large, they are small, but above all they are everywhere! Some speak for themselves, like the natural park of the dunes of Corralejo, an environment with a suggestive relationship between  sea and the desert, others are hidden in bays bathed by emerald waters! Just arrived in Porto del Rosario; you will have the impression of wanting to escape immediately to your corner of the Canary Islands.


The Canaries are very interesting, a good rule is to inquire about some details in particular for the charter

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