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Eaconsea - Benigno Crespi Street 19

20159 Milano Italy




Welcome to Spain, gentlemen! The story that resonates is you! The kingdom of the night! The homeland of the sun! In these parts, it’s essential to be “alive”! We are in Spain! Sangria, please! Young! Beautiful! Invincible! This is the land of bulls, gentlemen, and flamenco! Today, Spain still exudes a formidable vitality. To experience it, to live it, choose to do so aboard a swift boat! So as not to miss a single night; you will be omnipresent! They will have spotted you on two islands in the same night and at the same hour; this is the testament! The Spain is the memory of joy! It’s priceless.

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Sunreef 2017 /2021 Refit
Guests 9
Cabins 4
Crew 3
Measures 22.56 x 10.5m
Charter from EUR 42.000,00   /Week

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Motor yacht
Sunseeker 2007
Guests 8
Cabins 4
Crew 3
Length 25m
Also available in Spain
Charter from EUR 29.500,00   /Week


Spain! Your Singularity


The tale of the Spanish nights is an experience shared among those who have had the experience! This theme resonates when we are with our friends and a certain desire overcomes us. The aroma teases our senses, invites us, but it is not enough; we want more. "Chef, do we still have rum in the galley? Certainly doc! Take a seat in the stern today the warm wind will return! And that perfect moment again. Your fantastic experience. Our guarantee.


Sailing yacht
Maxi dolphin 2013 /2021 Refit
Guests 12
Cabins 5
Crew 4
Length 30.5m
Mediterranean Sea
Charter from EUR 56.000.00   /Week

The captains know this well! They live this condition, yours is a great success but those words of Pink Floyd still resonate: I wish you were here! Take the world now.

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Yacht rental in Spain: When the Journey Ends, a New Day Begins


This poetic endeavor seeks to depict an immortal place, a green leaf floating offshore, alive! Despite everything, yes, everything! You’ve chosen to get down from your boat and embrace the Torremolinos's night! What a gamble! It seemed ordinary! A beer, some friends, and the only things you remember are a cigarette and a green leaf! Psychology ceases to exist! Meaning is lost and you’ve pursued it! Well done! You had no escape! Upon waking, the captain has outlined the route, but yours is now mystical. Eaconsea.


Eaconsea’s range of services is continually expanding! In this regard, dedicating time to the nightlife is the initial step to absorbing that energy. Public relations companies in Spain are highly active, particularly during the summer. The recommendation we offer pertains to the organizational capabilities of some of these companies.

Lagoon 2020
Guests 8
Cabins 4
Crew 2
Length 18.9 x 10 m
Balearic - Spain
Charter from EUR 26.500.00   /Week



Benetti 2024

Guest 10

Cabins 5

Crew 7

Length 36.91 m

Balearics - Spain - Med

Charter from EUR 155.000.00   /Week

In Spain our group is developing rapidly, thanks to the great professionalism of the Spaniards. Recently the Ecs Group has entered into agreements with various companies on the Costa Brava and the Balearics. The objective is to establish support logistics, focusing in particular on integrated services. This could resolve any technical problems on board within a few hours! These factors will create the conditions to increase the reliability of routes in the westernmost area of the Mediterranean.

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stylized boat
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