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We start from Nice (the regional capital of the Alpes-Maritimes department). As soon as you arrive, you will feel something special, as if your presence contributed to the vibrant atmosphere! However, these feelings are subjective and may surprise you. What we can guarantee is the pleasure of enjoying a meal in one of the restaurants in the port before setting sail. For those looking for an adventurous twist, a short walk from the pier will take you to Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi, a tribute to the "son of Nice". The selection we have made for you in French waters involves boats with specific characteristics. We deal with both sailing boats that motor yachts with the utmost respect, reflecting the value we attach to our activities. This is our contribution to your experience on the French Riviera. Join us and take part in this journey with the Ecs group 

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Sailing yacht

Bayards 2010 Refit 2022

Guests 7

Cabins 4

Crew 5

Length 37m

French Riviera - Caribbean

Charter from USD 91.000,00  /Week


Sailing yacht

Alloy Yachts 2006 2023 Refit

Guest 12

Cabins 6

Crew 19

Length 88 m

Mediterranean - French Riviera

Charter from Eur 490.000,00 /Week 


Sailing yacht

Alloy Yachts 2004 2019 Refit

Guest 12

Cabins 5

Crew 10

Length 54.27 m

French Riviera - Mediterranean Sea

Charter from Eur 180.000,00 /Week

Sailing on the French Riviera

As soon as we leave the port of Nice, we immediately put the bow to the west and say goodbye to the Plage Du Centenaire and the Promende des Anglais. The cruise begins! On board, the sounds and atmospheres are unmistakable the captain urges the crew to their deliveries and you; lost in the joy of the scents of lavender and sea, you can finally reconcile with the blue of the coast. The first appointment is diving, a "hunting trip" to the tastiest fish. Sailing towards Antibes, you notice a movement in the water, probably a group of Amberjacks struggling with a chasing of mullets under the shore and you decide to dive on the fly for an inspection in order to evaluate the most suitable bait! (after all, lunchtime is approaching) The die is cast! this time the Amberjack will have no escape. You have hit the mark! Neptune was kind! you can call that friend of yours in Antibes who has a restaurant and tell him that you are coming with fresh fish.

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A boat in the blue

The mystery opens the eyes only to the strongest and greatest minds! Even the masters of the sea who sail on gigantic boats know it, they know it because it is the only way to indulge in human nature! The philosophy of many men and women who approach this sea can be found in the fable of those who have seen a mirage and captured it! Sailing on the Côte d'Azur, you have to deal with the irreverent aspects of life. The story of the coast talks about us and how illusory every aspect of to live! But for the sake of the heart, we must always allow ourselves the mirage of our Principality.



Sailing yacht

Yyachts 2024

Guest 6

Cabins 3

Crew 2

Length 21.86 m

French Riviera - Mediterranean Sea

Charter from Eur 24.000,00 /Week


The charm of the French Riviera lies in the sea and its secrets, which are often revealed only to those who want to explore. Our advice for this corner of blue is simple: respond enthusiastically to its call! By doing so, you will be able to relive within yourself the tradition and elegance it embodies. The Principality of Monaco, for example, is a brilliant place, not only for its wealth, but above all for the attitudes of its inhabitants. Do you remember the tobacconist curve from the famous race? It's a great example of inclusion, shaped by the media but born in the Principality! Keeping in mind the sociological foundation of this unique environment, we invite you to see this special place through the eyes of someone eager to appreciate all the blue it has to offer. Thanks from the Ecs Group

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Boat availability on the French Riviera varies significantly based on the booking period. Advise you to consult our intermediaries to explore the best solutions.

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We have left our work for the colors of this sea! The crew seems suspended between day and night. Many of us no longer find the sense of time. We are aware that the risk is becoming real! We are at the mercy of the “vanity of the sea,” keeping ourselves alive to the point of stealing our cowardice with an ice-cold beer. What a test we are facing, our women have now become immune to delirium! They take everything lightly, but we know they want to hide their fear from us. Who knows if they will have the right words for the end that will arrive inexorably and we will have to leave the boat in port. 

Dynamiq Yachts 2021
Guests 11
Cabins 5
Crew 6
Length 41m
Info & destinations
Charter from EUR 170.000,00   /Week 


The truth is found in every port; history repeats itself and the beaches remind you that the earth wants you too! The cities call you and there are so many! Cannes, Toulon, Cassis, Saint Tropez, Antibes, Monte Carlo, Menton, Hyères and many others! The reasons for not visiting these cities have not yet been invented and this is another reason to ask for a berth! But in the end, if we really want to “give ourselves to the coast” we must accept! Ps Your favorite yacht charter always recommends it! Happy holidays.

Wave 2021
Guest 8
Cabins 4
Crew 2
Measures 14.95  x  8.34 m 

French Riviera - Mediterranean
Charter from EUR 22.000,00  /Week

eaconsea yacht charter report

Was it the island of Santa Margherita?


Off the coast on the Côte d'Azur, we also meet the legend, in this case, recognizable thanks to the stories that literature and cinema have created around the prisoner with the iron mask. On the island of Santa Margherita, in fact, from the time of Luigi 14 Re Sole there is an air of mystery around this forcibly masked figure! Some legends narrate facts, which; they would trace the prisoner directly to the royal family (unwanted twin brother of the Sun King) who became "sun" after fleeing the island and regaining the French throne. The advice we give you is to create your legend on this character, after all we are facing Cannes and it could be worth a palm tree! Good luck.

sail boat

Porquerolle and nature waiting!

In controlled navigation we "land" in Porquerolle and finally we indulge in a cigarette! Bad idea! The captain's prompt alert; certainly for your health but above all for the strict environmental protection regulations, which make this island one of the most controlled in the world. The resulting advantage is totally in the hands of tourism and the "guests" who will find a truly natural environment waiting for them. Poquerolle offers you the opportunity to understand the Cote d'Azur and the will to look at the environment with seriousness and respect! for you and for those whom nature awaits!


Even if you are not a professional diver, the Mediterranean waters of the French coast offer, in addition to fish fauna, large underwater playgrounds. This value is given by the over 200 shipwrecks discovered so far, most dating back to the Second World War, waiting for your eyes. We are sure that you will notice a detail that the explorers who preceded you missed.

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The hidden treasure of Île du Levant


The truth may appear complex but the concept of human nature has been altered. The "nudism game" can also represent a cure for the artificial modern world; many of the people who practice this philosophy are emotionally mature subjects! If navigating towards freedom, for you, also means respecting the concept of "body" then you will find a reason to visit this island and its naturist community. The hidden treasure is always the cultural exchange that takes place here without clothes! To understand this culture and philosophy, you need to approach meditation and medicine (understood as the epigenetics of a holiday) However, the beauty of the area remains indisputable and is certainly worth a visit.

Useful information on the French Riviera for the summer

For a conscious cruise it is always a good idea to resort to land! In fact, the Cote d'Azur offers in the summer a series of events that are worth knowing (also to give your boat an extra route) to give some examples; in Antibes, the national jazz festival (the most important in Europe) opens in July. The month of June offers the Monte Carlo golf open for sports enthusiasts (which is definitely worth a drink). Another event for the month of August: the antiques markets in Nice open on Mondays which are worth choosing the most interesting souvenir.

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