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This region, steeped in rich history, looks to the future with an enlightened perspective. The resilient spirit of its inhabitants is deeply ingrained in their culture and the wisdom that springs from their art. Living in Tuscany means experiencing the beauty of ‘divine’ consciousness on a daily basis. This unique environment fosters profound intellectual insights. Picture, for instance, being Leonardo Da Vinci, arriving in Florence in 1469, and gazing up at the sky to behold Brunelleschi’s dome! Essentially, it’s an invitation to introspection.

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Motor yacht not confirmed
Dynamiq Yachts 2021
Guests 11
Cabins 5
Crew 6
Length 41m
Info and destinations
Charter from EUR 170.000,00   /Week 

Outremer Yachting 2020
Guests 8
Cabins 4
Crew 2
Measures 18.33 x 8.58m
Tuscany - Western Mediterranean
Charter from EUR 18.000,00   /Week

Motor yacht
Riva 2017
Guests 6
Cabins 3
Crew 2

Length 23.35m
Tuscany - Western Mediterranean
Charter from EUR 40.000,00   /Week


Tuscan archipelago yacht charter

Indeed, we are all drawn to these places! Elba, the island of Montecristo, the island of Giglio (made even more famous by the cruise ship Concordia), and then Giannutri, Capraia, Gorgona, Pianosa - in short, all the elements are in place for one to explore the sea and a more hidden side of Tuscany.

Sailing yacht
Vitters 2009 /2018 Refit 
Guests 8
Cabins 4
Crew 6
Length 39m
Also available in Tuscany 
Charter from EUR 85.000,00   /Week

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The way to be believed is to make the truth incredible! This quote from Napoleon Bonaparte perfectly opens the window on the Island of Elba. After all, who better than Napoleon to highlight its beauty? The Island of Elba, just off the coast of Tuscany, boasts a rich, pristine sea with around 200 beaches, each worthy of a visit. Rich in history, the island offers countless reasons for a visit, not just for its natural beauty. The renowned freediving school, for example, will teach you to breathe the best "Elba air.


The Island of Elba has woven unique tales since the Iron Age! Each narrative casts a distinct shadow, but when we attempt to capture Napoleon’s gaze, things become complex; power escalates and becomes unmanageable. Alessandro Manzoni stated it clearly: Napoleon was dazzling! So, if we were to charter a yacht for him, what kind of vessel would it be? We envisioned a motor yacht—swift and sleek. Setting paradoxes aside, it can be said that the Island of Elba can astonish in a thousand different ways

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On the shores of Argentario! This diverse environment, a WWF oasis, is home to countless beaches that never cease to amaze. Embarking on a cruise in this region, always offers a surprise, given that we are in the southernmost part of Tuscany. However, we couldn’t be more centrally located! From here, you can delve into the robust Maremma, filled with all the elements that make Tuscany renowned its cuisine, history, and natural beauty. It’s no wonder that many celebrities seek refuge here, in search of a region that is rich in every aspect of beauty.

Michelangelo's David

A boat trip to the Tuscan archipelago comes when we're headed elsewhere. In the Tyrrhenian area east of Corsica, Capraia is only 20 kilometers away, this implies a continuous sighting of the archipelago.

By managing a route that starts from the north and following the imaginary arc drawn by the islands, we touch Corsica and Liguria, enveloping Tuscany up to Monte Argentario at the gates of Lazio, in a natural environment that is worth a holiday.

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The island of Gorgona, little known compared to its bigger sisters, hosts the last island prison in Europe, with around 70 inmates, this island also collects some endemic plant species which complete the picture of an interesting environment. A reason to visit it, in addition to the crystal clear waters, could be the search for the Saracen treasure! In reality, visiting the island is complicated precisely because of the presence of the penitentiary.

In Tuscany, yacht chartering is taken very seriously; no one in this region approaches this activity lightly. Thanks to a long-standing tradition of luxury, which has reached historic levels in Tuscany, it can be said that Carrara marble serves as the ‘milestone’ in a global success story.

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