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The Cosmos of Porto Ercole

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Eaconsea Benigno Crespi Street 19

20159 Milano Italy

20-22 Wenlock Road London 



We remind you that the boats we present on the site are just examples; we urge you to contact us for personalized proposals.

The Yacht Charter In Tuscany

This Italian region celebrates its future thanks to its history! The strong character of the men and women of these parts is steeped in culture, that knowledge that flourishes in art. In Tuscany, living in the beauty of the "divine" consciousness is a daily experience. This particular setting offers intellectual insights that are enlightening, let's imagine for example being Leonardo Da Vinci and arriving in Florence in 1468 and looking up to the sky and seeing Brunelleschi's dome! In short! there is a need to reflect.

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eaconsea yacht charter report
eaconsea yacht charter report give%20me%20five%20catamaran%20deck%20.jpeggive%20me%20five%20catamaran%20interior%20.jpeg
Motor yachts
Dynamiq Yachts 2021
Guests 11
Cabins 5
Crew 6
Length 41m
Info and destinations
Charter from EUR 170.000,00   /Week 

Outremer Yachting 2020
Guests 8
Cabins 4
Crew 2
Measures 18.33 x 8.58m
Tuscany - Western Mediterranean
Charter from EUR 18.000,00   /Week

Motor yacht
Riva 2017
Guests 6
Cabins 3
Crew 2
Length 23.35m
Tuscany - Western Mediterranean
Charter from EUR 40.000,00   /Week

Tuscan archipelago yacht charter

After all we are all attracted to these places! Elba, the island of Montecristo, the island of Giglio (made even more famous by the cruise ship Concordia) and then again Giannutri, Capraia, Gorgona, Pianosa, in short, there are all the conditions to know both the sea that a more "secret" Tuscany.

Sailing yacht
Vitters 2009 /2018 Refit 
Guests 8
Cabins 4
Crew 6
Length 39m
Also available in Tuscany 
Charter from EUR 85.000,00   /Week

janneau 57 interiorjanneau 57janneau 57janneau 57 interiorJanneau 57
Another boat of great versatility and effectiveness, janneau 57, allows you to navigate with an impeccable attention to space. In Tuscany (as also in other seas) Janneau 57 has shown all the engineering value of her. With an overall length of 17.78 m a beam  of 5 m. draft 2,5 m. This boat can be yours for one week starting from around € 11,500 with a peak of € 13,000 for the most expensive week of the year (usually the central one in August). Life on board is organized following the criterion of the sea, sport fishing and snorkeling equipment, microwave, barbecue, washer / dryer, from 3 to 4 cabins depending on the configuration plus a cabin for the crew. Tender with 15HP outboard motor.







Napoleon's Yacht

The island of Elba tells particular stories since the Iron Age! Each one has a particular shadow, but if we try to fix Napoleon's gaze, its shadows become more complex, Power grows, becomes unmanageable, of the rest, Alessandro Manzoni was been very clear; He was ... dazzling! Therefore; if we were to book a yacht for Napoleon, what kind of boat it would be? We thought a motor yacht! Particularly fast, But, of him, we have only her energy left! (She lives in Paris) and the shadows that guided him perhaps; he still he also lives here where he was exiled.

Yacht Charter Monte Argentario



The truth emerges on the banks of the Argentario! Just like that, the truth you don't expect! A variegated environment, wwf oasis! With countless beaches always on the verge of amazement. Taking a cruise in these parts is complicated and above all unlikely, we are in the southernmost part of Tuscany, but we couldn't be more in the center than this! In fact, from here, you enter the vigorous Maremma full of all those words for which Tuscany is talked about! The cuisine, the history, the nature, where many men and women of the show take refuge in search of a territory rich in every frill of beauty.

saiboatcatamaransuper yachtcatamaranyachtyachtsailboat

Elba island


The way to be believed is to make the truth unbelievable! Cit. of Napoleon Bonaparte! With these words we like to open the window on the Elba island! Also because, who more than Napoleon illuminated his beauty? On the other hand, Elba emerges in front of Tuscany in an environment that includes a rich and clean sea with about 200 beaches that all deserve a visit. Rich in history, this island offers countless reasons to be visited not only natural; an example, the renowned apnea school, which will teach you to breathe the best "air of Elba".

Michelangelo's David
A visit by boat to the Tuscan archipelago arrives, while you are headed elsewhere. The cruise develops in the Tyrrhenian area to the east of Corsica, in fact, Capraia, is only 20 kilometers from the Corsican coast and this implies a more or less continuous sighting of the archipelago.
By renting a boat and managing a route from north to south following the imaginary arc drawn by the islands, you touch Liguria and Corsica to finally wrap Tuscany up to Mount Argentario at the gates of Lazio, in a natural environment that (especially for smaller islands as Pianosa, Gorgona and Montecristo) underlines the need to manage tourist traffic to protect the environmental balance.

Visit by boat to Gorgona! The pirate Treasure


This islet, little known, compared to its older sisters, of the Tuscan archipelago, hosts the last prison on an island in Europe, with about 70 inmates, the island collects some endemic plant species that complete the picture of an environment deserving of the curiosity of attentive cruise passengers. One reason to visit it, in addition to the crystal clear waters, could be the search for the Saracen's treasure! In reality, visiting the island is complicated (this is due to the presence of the prison) the advice is to inquire with the tourist authority of Tuscany.

isola d'elba .jpeg
yacht a motore in toscana .jpeg

The best starting point for visiting Tuscany is the north, especially for international tourism, to be closer to the Fiumicino airport (major Italian hub) at the end of the cruise. This also means yacht charter Global Service

In Tuscany the Yacht Charter is a very serious thing, no one in these parts takes this activity lightly. Thanks to the great tradition of luxury, which in Tuscany has now reached a historic level, it can be said that: Carrara marble is the "milestone" of a worldwide success story.
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stylized boat
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