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Eaconsea - Benigno Crespi Street 19

20159 Milano Italy




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Sailing Yacht
Nautor Swan /2015
Guests 9
Cabins 4
Crew 6
Length 35.2m
Italy - Western Mediterranean
Charter from EUR 110.000,00   /Week 

Lagoon 2017
Guests 8
Cabins 4
Crew 4
Measures 18.9m x 9.8m
Charter from EUR 25.000,00   /Week

Motor yacht.
Princess 2011 /2019 Refit
Guests 8
Cabins 4
Crew 3
Length 23.83m
Charter from EUR 33.000,00   /Week


Sailing yacht
Oyster Yachts 2019
Guests 12
Cabins 5
Crew 6
Length 37.45m
Italy-Sardinia-Amalfi Coast
Charter from EUR 115.000,00   /Week



Sunreef Yachts 2018

Guests 10

Cabins 5

Crew 3

Measures 18.3m x 10.2m

Italy - Sardinia

Charter from EUR 34,000.00   /Week

Motor yacht.
Benetti 2019 /2022 Refit
Guests 12
Cabins 7
Crew 15
Length 63m
Italy-Mediterranean-French Riviera
Charter from EUR 620.000,00   /Week


Sailing Yacht
Spirit Yachts 2021
Guests 6
Cabins 3
Crew 2
Length 22.25m
Italy-Mediterranean Sea
Charter from EUR 25.000,00   /Week

Motor yacht.
Palmer Johnson 2011 /2020 Refit
Guests 12
Cabins 5
Crew 11
Length 52.4m
Italy-French Riviera-Mediterranean
Charter from EUR 250.000,00   /Week 

Motor yacht.
Italy Yacht 2013 /2021 Refit
Guests 10
Cabins 5
Crew 5
Length 34m
Italy – Western Mediterranean
Charter from EUR 70.000,00   /Week

Madsummer stands as one of the most sought-after super yachts in the world. A testament to superior craftsmanship and engineering, this vessel offers an environment of unparalleled class and elegance. Boasting a crew adept at catering to the world’s most distinguished personalities. Availability is managed through the main circuits, ensuring seamless coordination for your journey. The Ecs Group is committed to negotiating the best terms. A dedicated crew of 28 professionals at your service, ready to ensure your comfort and satisfaction.

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Mediterranean Sea


The Mediterranean Sea It represents history, belonging, culture, and imagination. Who could forget the pivotal Battle of Actium between Marcus Antony and Agrippa, which marked the transition to the imperial age? Or the remarkable discovery of the Riace Bronzes, a testament to the magnificence born from the sea? With these historical and cultural touchstones as our backdrop, our group cordially invites you to come aboard. Embark on a journey that’s more than just an holiday - it’s an exploration of the rich tapestry of Mediterranean history and culture. Welcome aboard!

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Sailing Yacht
Advanced Yachts 2021
Guest 6
Cabins 3
Crew 3
Length 23,98m
Italy – West Mediterranean 
Charter from EUR 32.000,00   /Week

Motor yacht
San Lorenzo 2021
Guests 9
Cabins 4
Crew 3
Length 26.7m
Charter from EUR 55.000,00   /Week

Sailing yacht
Advanced Yachts
Guests 6
Cabins 3
Crew 3
Length 23.88m
Charter from EUR 27.000.00   /Week

Pleasure Sailing in Italy



Thanks to recent decrees, recreational sailing has regained momentum, leading to job creation and a gradual enhancement in service quality. These significant changes have yielded visible results across Europe, with the overall market value experiencing growth at all levels. Consequently, we’re seeing more prestigious boats, better-regulated routes, and increased environmental care.

Despite the economic crisis that has impacted all markets and their supporting structures, the projections for medium-term developments are promising. This optimism is largely due to the value and prestige that the industry has accumulated over the years, particularly in Italy. We extend our best wishes to everyone involved in this sector. We believe that critical thinking and rationality will undoubtedly aid everyone during these historic times.

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The Ecs Group maintains a tradition! Its dedication is to promote Italian values, both in culture and economy. This tendency carries many aspects tied to profit and the aspiration to foster well-being. The obligations related to competitiveness are offset by the cultural facets and experiences our customers enjoy! After all, the humanistic legacy that Italy has is vast (consider, for instance, Tuscany ) and grants companies engaged in this type of activity, a significant edge!

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Environmental Protection


Eaconsea’s mission, which we hope is shared by many other companies in the yacht charter market, is to protect the natural, environmental, and landscape context of the Mediterranean basin. This mission is not about replacing the scientific authorities of the State, but about adhering to principles of civil coherence. We believe that responsibility should not always be placed on others. As such, as a company and as a group, we will display a private document on our website, eaconsea.it, committing to contribute to environmental protection within the limits and value set forth in the contract published after June 1, 2021. We pledge that 1,5% of our profits will go towards environmental protection, as per the contract. We invite everyone to join us in this critical endeavor to safeguard our planet.

Chartering a yacht in Italy


Indeed, it’s true that today, chartering a yacht has become much easier and quicker than ever before! From a tourism perspective, yacht chartering in Italy has taken on strategic importance. We have worked diligently to integrate the essential elements of luxury and exclusivity, derived from the sophistication of the most economically advanced environments. Rewind to 20 years ago, at the end of summer 2001, the world market was shaken by the terrorist events of September 11. This caused a revolution in all markets, and suddenly, no one was safe anymore, not even at sea. In an environment like the naval one, which has always been characterized by unique conditions, such a profound vision of risk led to heightened attention towards the protection of these large boats, which could have potentially become targets for terror strategies. Today, we continue to navigate these waters with vigilance, ensuring the safety of our guests while providing them with an unforgettable experience of Italian culture and beauty.

The beauty of sailing in Sardinia


Here, you will encounter breathtaking views of untamed nature and experience the allure of having all this beauty within your reach. As you navigate freely, you’ll discover that every nautical mile offers a fresh ambiance and a new cultural experience - it’s like a renaissance of aromas and sensations. Sailing along the Italian coasts, whether it’s Sardinia, Sicily, or any other magnificent location, you’ll feel as though you always have a place under the sun. It’s a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the diverse and captivating landscapes that Italy has to offer.

Everywhere! But always with our clients! Eaconsea.

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