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Ecs Group



Eaconsea Benigno Crespi Street 19

20159 Milano Italy

20-22 Wenlock Road London 

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after having rented the yacht the boys jump into the sea
Its 2000 kilometers of coastline are impossible to visit in a single life. The beaches the caves the islands the colored sands, the Nuragic civilization; with their navigators and warriors! Losing the opportunity to land on the coasts of Sardinia is certainly an unforgivable lack, especially if you are sailing in the calm of a Mediterranean summer. The opportunities are countless! for example, traveling by yacht or with a simple boat between Sardinia and the Italian coast will only take you a few hours.

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Sardinia Yacht Charter 


Renting a yacht in Sardinia means having the opportunity to navigate the queen of the Mediterranean. The natural impact in Gallura is very strong! Nature is overbearing, its coasts are incredibly rich in inlets and small bays. Taking a dip in these waters releases the energy of the world.

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The Trusted Charter Yacht

In the Sardinian localities, in agreement with our captains, there are countless environments where to meet. Your commitment is only to communicate the coordinates and we will let you find your boat. Cala Luna, Grotta di Nettuno, Capo Caccia, archaeological area of Nora, Gulf of Marinella, Sella del Diavolo, Spiaggia del Pevero, Cala Grande, Porto Flavia, Gulf of Orosei, Costa Smeralda, and many other places. Yacht charter in Sardinia has always been a challenge (which we gladly welcome) with our most demanding customers.

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Yacht Charter With Crew


The professionals that the Ecs Group puts at your disposal are part of expert crews. The professionals of the sea are selected using high standards of specialization. The experience of our captains, the will of our sailors, the passion of the crew (in its entirety) is evaluated with culture and will. You can therefore sit on the deck of your yacht and observe an imperturbable horizon.

Rent a Boat in Safely


Other considerations must be made, providing the right information. In the case of Greece, there are the Meltemi winds that can create difficulties, especially for sailing. In any case; here is a list of the major islands where you can evaluate the best information: Sicily, Sardinia, Cyprus, Corsica, Crete, Euboea, Mallorca, Lesbos, Rhodes, Chios, Kefalonia, Ibiza, Zakynthos, Santorini. Before rushing to book, we suggest that you ask for precise information, in particular, if your vacation is organized on a bareboat charter.

The work of loving nature
The captain's point of view is to manage Passenger safety. In line with this position, our company states that; observing the basic conditions of respect for nature is  a first step in security (that is always a good rule). Reconciling with respect for all the rules concerning environmental protection is certainly the first real commitment that we set ourselves.It is also true that: in a moment of vacation it is right to allow yourself a moment of superficiality, in any case our reassurances arrive there where your serenity must be protected. In this regard, you can take a look on the higher institute for environmental protection and research (it); with the awareness that: in all their projects, there is also room for the Sardinian sea that every year gives joy and freshness. ECS Group: the yacht charter with nature in your pocket.
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Regarding the discussions in the nautical field and the consequences on the environment, talking about them is crucial for raising awareness. We should support the companies that invest in developing technologies to improve the situation, even with small modifications on old boats. As we know, every detail matters


Sailing is a lifestyle, a condition in which man expresses himself with authenticity. This condition creates a philosophy, an experience that changes the perspective of the whole life! These words, however profound, concentrate the commitment of the sector, which wants to offer the customer an experience. The contractual terms are simple and free the customer from unnecessary responsibilities. In the context of sailing, a strong culture of responsibility is widespread (particularly felt in Sardinia) this functional trend has created value and quality. Our Group, to align with these values, has carried out an accurate evaluation of the costs and efficiency of over 150 small and medium-sized sailing boats. In order to offer the customer a fleet in perfect condition (with a rare value for money).

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Stella Maris Chrch

Talking Sardinia And Tourism means discussing Prince Karim Aga Khan IV 


The Imam of the Nizarite Ismaili Muslims. Together with a group of collaborators, this very particular character managed to transform a wild land into what everyone calls: Costa Smeralda! which has always been defined as the area of the Monti di Mola.Prince Karim (founder among other things of Alisarda airport carrier who contributed to supporting the tourist expansion in Sardinia, which over time became the second Italian national airline) according to the people of Gallura, helped to give a bright future to the Costa Smeralda, this he man (in possession of British and Portuguese nationality) has literally transformed the territory, as early as 1963, he was active in building the future of this land with the iconic cala di volpe hotel. The Costa Smeralda began to take shape, also passing in 1966 for the construction of the beautiful Stella Maris church in Porto Cervo. 

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