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Its 2000 kilometers of coastline, a breathtaking spectacle of nature, are impossible to visit in a single lifetime. The pristine beaches, the mysterious caves, the enchanting islands, and the uniquely colored sands paint a picture of paradise. The rich history of the Nuragic civilization adds to the allure. Missing the opportunity to disembark on the coasts of Sardinia, a jewel of the Mediterranean, is certainly an unforgivable omission, especially if you are sailing in the calm and soothing embrace of a Mediterranean summer. The opportunities for adventure and discovery are countless! For example; Just think, crossing the few miles of sea that separate the Italian coast from Sardinia will only take a few hours.


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Sardinia Yacht Charter 


Renting a yacht in Sardinia means having the opportunity to navigate the queen of the Mediterranean. The natural impact in Gallura is very strong! Nature is overbearing, its coasts are incredibly rich in inlets and small bays. Taking a dip in these waters releases the energy of the world.

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In Sardinia With The Ecs Group

In the picturesque localities of Sardinia, there are countless spots waiting to be discovered. In collaboration with our captains, we offer you the opportunity to explore these hidden gems. All you need to do is provide us with the coordinates, and we will ensure your boat is ready for your adventure. From the mesmerizing Cala Luna to the mysterious Grotta di Nettuno, from the historic archaeological area of Nora to the serene Gulf of Marinella, the choices are endless. Marvel at the Sella del Diavolo, relax on the Spiaggia del Pevero, or explore the vastness of Cala Grande. Discover the unique Porto Flavia, the breathtaking Gulf of Orosei, the luxurious Costa Smeralda, and many more capt places. Chartering a yacht in Sardinia has always been a thrilling challenge, one that we gladly embrace. We take pride in meeting the expectations of our customers, ensuring they experience the best of what Sardinia has to offer.


Give Me Five


Outremer Yachting 2020
Guest 6
Cabin 4
Crew 2
Lunghezza 18.33 m
Charter from EUR 18.000.00   /Week 


Sailing yacht
YYacht 2023
Guest 8
Cabins 4
Crew 2
Length 23.99 m
Sardinia Amalfi Coast
Charter from EUR 25.000,00   /Week



Absolute Navetta 68 2023
Guest 8
Cabins 4
Crew 2
Length 20 m
Sicily Sardinia Amalfi Coast
Charter from EUR 36.000.00   /Week 

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Yacht Charter With Crew


The professionals that the Ecs Group puts at your disposal are part of highly skilled and expert crews. These crews are meticulously selected using rigorous and high standards of specialization. The vast experience of our captains, the unwavering will of our sailors, and the burning passion of the entire staff are evaluated with a deep sense of culture and determination. You can comfortably sit on the deck of your yacht, sip your favorite drink, and observe an imperturbable horizon, knowing you are in safe and capable hands.




Overmarine 2024
Guest 12
Cabins 5
Crew 5
Length 32.99 m
Sardinia Amalfi Coast Sicily
Charter from EUR 160.000.00   /Week 



Riva 76 2019
Guest 6
Cabins 3
Crew 3
Length 23.25 m
Sardinia Amalfi Coast Sicily
Charter from EUR 38.000.00   /Week 


Sailing yacht 

Vismara 2017
Guest 6
Cabins 3
Crew 2
Length 21.82 m
Sardinia Amalfi Coast Sicily
Charter from EUR 13.500.00   /Week 


The work of loving nature


From the captain's point of view, managing passenger safety is paramount! In line with this, our Group also states that environmental respect is a step towards these logics. Reconciling with the regulations regarding environmental protection is in fact one of our commitments. The holiday is certainly a moment of relaxation and our reassurances extend only where it is necessary to safeguard your peace of mind. In this regard, we invite you to delve deeper into the work of the Higher Institute for Environmental Protection and Research. In all their projects there is also a place for the Sardinian sea which every year brings joy and freshness.
ECS Group: live the experience of renting a yacht with nature at your fingertips.

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Discussions concerning the environmental implications of nautical activities are of paramount importance for fostering awareness. It is crucial to endorse companies that are proactively investing in the development of technologies aimed at mitigating these impacts. This could encompass the creation of more efficient propulsion systems, the utilization of cleaner fuels, or even implementing minor modifications to older vessels to enhance their environmental efficiency. As we are well aware, every detail is significant when it comes to preserving our environment. Through these collective endeavors, we can anticipate a sustainable future in the nautical sector and beyond.

Sailing is more than a sport; it is a lifestyle, a state of being in which it is possible to express oneself authentically. This human condition cultivates a philosophy, an experience that alters one's perspective on life. These words encapsulate the industry's dedication, with the aim of offering customers a unique experience. The contractual terms are clear and free customers from unnecessary obligations. A strong sense of responsibility is prevalent in the world of sailing, especially in Sardinia. This functional trend has promoted value and quality. Our group, in line with these values, conducted an in-depth evaluation of the costs and efficiency of over 150 medium-sized sailing boats. This is to guarantee our customers a fleet in impeccable condition.

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Stella Maris Chrch

Discussing tourism and Sardinia inevitably leads to the mention of Prince Karim Aga Khan IV 


This unique individual transformed a wild land into what is now known as the Costa Smeralda, an area traditionally referred to as the Monti di Mola. Prince Karim, who is also the founder of the Alisarda airport carrier, played a significant role in promoting tourism expansion in Sardinia. Over time, Alisarda became the second-largest national airline in Italy. According to the locals of Gallura, Prince Karim, a man of British and Portuguese nationality, has significantly contributed to the prosperous future of the Costa Smeralda. As early as 1963, he was instrumental in shaping the future of this region, starting with the construction of the iconic Cala di Volpe hotel.

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